Kitchen Islands

The kitchen…The center of the home universe..your meeting ground…your ground zero.
Does it need a little life? With our new line of Kitchen Islands we have what you need
to bring your boring kitchen back from the dark ages and get it’s kick on.

Have an idea or want to mix and match styles? No problem. That’s what custom made is all about.
You can place your order and have your kitchen buzzing again in 10-14 business days after your deposit is made.
Call us today and we will sort you right out with what you need.

The Bronte Chic Kitchen Island
Still the original and still one of the best. Nice hardwood top with a cherry satin finish is complemented
by the distressed “Bronte Chic” look that you have grown to love. Size is 1.2 m by 60 cm wide by 90 cm high.
Add $75 dollars for castor wheels installed for easy movement. Larger sizes can be ordered for an additional charge.

Size Shown:
1.2 m long * 90 cm high * 60 cm wide

Bronte Triple Tier
Three tiers of love. Solid Victorian Ash hardwood top and two levels below are enhanced with a beautiful mahogany stain and finish solid hardwood top and below on both levels. These legs are solid but can be made to our own natural bronte chic standards. Size is as follows 1.2 m long by 60 cm wide by 90 cm high w/ castors for easy movement.

Size Shown:
1.2 m long * 90 cm high * 60 cm wide

Coco Choco Kitchen Island
This is the master of kitchen loving. Unreal. 2.0 m by 90 cm high by 60 cm wide. Excellent choice of rustic hardwood on on the top with a teak wash stain and light black on the legs and bottom. This is made to be an excellent combination of contrast and a beautiful centerpiece. Just rock your stools up and join the party at breakfast or the late night dinner paaaaarty. The choice is up to you. We can do different stains and sizes if
you like that’s what custom is all about…
ADD castors for $100

Size Shown:
2.0 m long * 90 cm high * 60 cm wide

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