Introducing our D.I.Y. Workshops!


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nsf_diy_logo_badgeWe have been working hard and listening to what are clients and customers want. With new reality shows like the Block and a Bunnings now on every corner more and more Aussies would like to get there hands a bit dirty and get into it. That why we are proud to introduce our very own D.I.Y. workshops for 2015! We are starting of with two exciting courses to wet your D.I.Y. appetite and we hope to add more in the future.

Hardwood Bench

Hardwood Bench Completed in 4 weeks by one of our new students!

How to Build a Timber Bench

This class will help teach and assist future D.I.Y ers in the building of a NSF timber bench. The student will learn how to design, build and finish an NSF Original Timber Bench. They will have access to the workshop and be led by an opening lesson each week followed by 2 to 2.5 hrs of workshop time where they will be taught the skills to build the length of bench that they chose.The aim of the course is for the student to end up with a solid timber bench to take home. You can see more about pricing for the class, times and how to enroll by clicking here.

NSF Open Workshops

Do you have a small job you want to do but don’t have the space or tools to do it? That annoying table leg need better fixing then duct tape? Have you found the perfect piece to upcycle but don’t have clue how? Then we have the workshop for your. Now down at the NSF studios in Williamstown we can assist you to do all these projects and more. You will have access to the tools and equipment to get these things done and more. Starting now you can come into our friendly studio and we can help and teach you how to complete the project of your dreams or just that annoying table. You can register for one block of time or as many as you like to get your project completed. You can get three hours of hands on time in our studio and expert advice for as little as *$90. Find out more and register now by clicking here.

Crazy Horse Sign for Pier to Plate

Crazy Horse Sign for Pier to Plate Festival



The Forest Collection & Winter Custom Designs


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Forest Collection Queen Bed

Forest Collection Queen Bed

The Forest Collection

Its the dead of winter here in Melbourne but we keep moving along to create our own heat down at the NSF.

This is a new bed set that was designed in conjunction with a new and happy client from Northern NSW. We worked together on some designs together and came up with this awesome piece. What transpired was beautiful Victorian Ash 100 plus year old floorboards being brought back to life in the unique and functional piece. We designed the headboard to be inset as our client wanted a different feature added.


We came up with adding these beautiful birch timber branches added to the top for a different twist. We have now done a few new timber bed designs and these will be listed in a new section soon. This piece was highlighted with hidden LED lights in the headboard to add some ambiance to this new set.  It was finished off with a grey weathered stain and satin poly finish. You can order this solid timber bed set in a Queen or Kind size bed.

Queen size $2850

King Size $3250

TallowHOOD Steel Base Table

This awesome piece was inspired by a young and talented Architect who approached us with the original design of the steel base. She wanted this square based design to be steel and with a flat matte black finish. We sourced this weathered grey beautiful Tallowood timber that she fell in love with by photos that we sent her. We felt it would be a perfect fit. She agreed and it was game on. At NSF we love working with other designers to bring  new ideas to life.

Once the base was built and the top was cut, glued and joined it was on to the finishing stages. After many attempts to get the right finish our client just elected to keep it all natural. It left the beauty of the weathered timber in tact and brought the piece together. This is a one of piece but the base can be made again and a top with the  hardwood timber and finish of your choice.

Size is 1.9 m long by 90 cm wide



Sip & Bite Cafe….and more

L Shaped El Nacho Grande

L Shaped El Nacho Grande & Chuncky Checkers

We have been really busy these last few months and this is one of the jobs we completed recently. Our client commissioned us to help his expanding cafe go to the next level. He had a good business but wanted the right rustic look to be open on Saturdays for his new market. That’s when we stepped in. After a few design discussions and checking out the layout we custom built this massive El Nacho Grande.


It has thick rustic Oregon tops with weathered Vic ash along the front and sides. We custom designed the L shaped layout to fit in the new coffee machine along with the custom install of the underlying display fridge.

custom install, no surf furniture

We also built these Chunky Checkers with a side of vanilla for the new seating arrangement. The cafe can now sit double the amount of customers in a warm and cozy setting.

chunky checkers, no surf furniture

The cafe is now doing better then ever with many compliments on the new look.
What’s next is a timber wall unit, lighting and some new displays. Stay tuned. Check it out at the Sip & Bite Cafe in Canterbury. Say hi to Andy and his crew for a great cup of coffee, warm and friendly service and great food.

rustic table. no surf furniture

Wharf Station – for hire

The Wharf Station
This beautiful rain tree slab timber has been converted to the best bar table going…the Wharf Station. The Oregon weathered timber is tied together with a long timber tree trunk and held together with old railroad ties. Awesome. We are using the station as a showpiece for our studio but it’s for hire. It would be great for your next rustic affair.

Wharf Station - for hire

Wharf Station – for hire

Weddings, events, parties or and excellent display stand $250 per day or $350 for the weekend. Please contact us for availability. 2.3 m long by 60 cm wide.

The Eastern Bloc & the Americano

El Nacho Grande 3.0

El Nacho Grande 3.0

The Eastern Bloc
133 Bell Street, Coburg
The NSF was approached to help build the custom counter and window island bar by the soon to be opened Eastern Bloc Cafe a few months back. After a few relaxed meetings and design discussions we came up with a massive counter using 60 mm thick Oregon and beautifully recycled Victorian ash floorboards for the front. What transpired was a weathered and rustic look with sleek lines and chunky features.



We also matched the look with the window bar that was 2.8 m long and custom installed along the Bell st window. We also matched the massive feature table and old church pews with the same finish that are great additions to the new look.

It’s all come together very nicely with the great look that Jayson and his crew at the Eastern Bloc has come up with it.



This is a great looking cafe with excellent coffee, great food and a friendly staff. What more can you ask for….

Americano Rustic Buffet

Americano Rustic Buffet

“Americano” Rustic Buffet

Our client from Canberra had been in our shop in Williamstown earlier in the year. They had been looking for something different and couldn’t find it at any of the shops they had been into. Everything was too polished and shiny for their taste. Enter the NSF. They wanted a very rustic looking buffet with a certain timber that was weathered and old. We came up with a modern simple design but would use the rustic timber with all it’s cracks, curves and great features. We were lucky enough to source some beautiful sustainably sourced american oak slabs from the Dandenong region of Victoria.


What turned out was a very solid and rustic unit with all the character and features our client was after.  We completed the look with rusting the handles and hinges and a simple beeswax finish to keep the natural look of the beautiful “Americano” Timber. We truly love this piece and has been a talking point for most everyone that comes in to our studio in Willy.

Size is 185 cm long * 100 cm high * 50 cm deep

American Oak Slabs


The Hendrix is born…Melbourne International Coffee Expo with the T&MS

The Hendrix at its new home...

The Hendrix at its new home…


As we move from the fall into the dark days of winter a light shines on with collaboration on all fronts. First off was this beauty of a set that was designed and made with Dale of the Thinkers & Makers Society.

T&MS at the Melbourne Coffee Expo

T&MS at the Melbourne Coffee Expo

The NSF was approached to be part of this very talented group of Melbourne Thinkers, Makers & Tinkerers. Within the collaboration are an Exhibition designer (Adam), A floral arrangement designer (Joo-Lee) a metal and steel work designer (Dale), a space designer (Uscha) an Architect (Tobias) and of course the fine rustic products that you have grown to love from the NSF. Our next big event starts today at the Melbourne International Coffee Festival. We are very excited to join this group of very talented, motivated and offcourse passionate team as together there is no such thing as can’t do and all your ideas are now endless. Please come down to our stand this weekend and say good day.

The event is on from Thursday May 23rd to May 27th, 2013 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We are at stand 67. When you see it you will know 🙂

hendrix_home_2 hendrix_bench

Now more on the Hendrix…

This amazing piece of steel & timber came from an idea that a client of ours had seen online.
We saw that design and decided to raise the bar. With a thicker base and real aussie hardwood for the tops
of the table & benches what transformed was amazing piece. Dale built the base and the NSF built the tops & did the finish. Our client then had suggestions on the finish (a hammered charcoal base) and the set was on its way. Since most of our items are custom this was no problem at all.
Here is what they said:

Hi Dave,
I just thought that I would drop you a line and say thanks for your hard work with the table. It looks great.
Being Vanessa’s birthday weekend it has already had a great workout with many admiring comments made. It was really good.

So once again thanks a lot. Who knows we may think of something else we can work on together for another area of the house once we settle in.

Cheers and good luck with it all.


Hendrix Bench Close up

Hendrix Bench Close up

The Hendrix
2.0 long By 1 m wide with benches
Please contact us for additional sizes or for a free quote.

New Year & New Ventures

Life inStyle

Life inStyle

Life in Style 2013

We are well into the New Year of 2013 and we have been very active so far. February has concluded and we are freshly back from Sydney from the “Life inStyle” Event at Sydney’s Fox Studios at Moore Park. The NSF has been working hard in collaboration with Exzibit Designs in Brunswick for the event. We had some amazing “Kings Trestle” tables built specifically to coincide with the event and also helped with the build of the many amazing set ups by Adam at Exzibit for the event and show. It was allot of work and logistics and it was awesome to be a part of a great team and execution of such a huge undertaking. Check out more photos of the event at or Facebook album here.

Kings Trestle Table

Kings Trestle Table

Two Kings Trestle Tables

These amazing tables are made of Tasmanian Oak hardwood tops and recycled messamite bases for a style uniquely fit for a king. They have a very sleek industrial look combined with the rustic tones of the timber. They have been finished of with a custom washed black stain with three coats of a satin polyurethane protection. The great news is that we now have two available back in Melbourne to the general public or to our wholesale friends. We have had many inquires on them at the show. They each measure in at 2.1 m long * 1.1 wide * 75 cm high.

The Kings

The Kings

You can easily fit 10 at each table and if you wanted to purchase both for your bar or restaurant they would make an amazing communal dining experience that would be the envy of all your competitors.

$2499.00 each.

Please contact Dave G. at 0404683391 for a private viewing or email us at for any questions or inquires.


Overseas orders…for Aussie homes

Bronte Chic Hardwood Tables on Deck

The internet has truly made the world a smaller place. A few months back we were contacted by an English businessman working in Singapore who found us online late one night. After a few initial design conversations our new client wanted to fit out his luxury vacation home in Jervis Bay with some unique handcrafted pieces from the NSF. He loved the look of the Bronte Chic line and wanted to have multiple pieces custom made. We designed and custom built over 15 pieces from dining tables, outside tables & benches, side tables, BC Office Island Desk, BC Blanket Chest and more….

Bronte Hardwood Table

Bronte Chic Coffee Table 1.2 * 1.2

All distinctly unique but with the handcrafted distressed look that our new client wanted to bring to his stunning beach pad. You can have a look here at his incredible website and see the NO SURF touch all around in almost every room. Do you have a home that needs the NSF touch? Then feel free to contact us now for a free no obligation discussion on custom fitting your home, vacation home, rental home, office or business. We would be happy to help….
You can reach us at 0404683391 or email us at

Bronte Chic Desk 1.2

Spring Open the Doors….In the heart of Willy, Vic

La Finca

“La Finca” Table & Bench Set
1.6m by 80 wide $1500

NSF Retail Showrooom open for business….

Along with some super custom pieces we have been producing in the last few months, we have been steadily getting the studio portion of NSF Williamstown Store ready for you. The location is right in the heart of Willy along the foreshore of Nelson Place

Recycled Tables & Benches

Recycled Hardwood Table & Oregon Base
1.9 m l * 80 cm w $999

The shop has some great one off pieces to showcase and will also have a catalogue of showbooks of our standard line from the website. We hope to make it easy for you to come in and have look around, enjoy our lovely outside deck area (with the tassie tiger) and possibly make an order or pickup a smaller handcrafted item.

We plan on some sunday funday bbq’s in the future and have coffee on deck. We are also looking to showcase some great local photographers and small handcrafted designers that would fit well with our rustic and industrial approach. We will be open most Saturdays and some some Sundays begining in early to mid October.

Look for the new signage coming soon at 153 Nelson place. Then it’s just a short 40 steps to our little nook of retail heaven down a typical Melbourne laneway….Hope to see you down our way…and their happens to be a pub next door 🙂

The Caterpillar Cafe and the Hamptons…

El Nacho Grande 3.0 at the CC Cafe

The Caterpillar Cafe

Earlier this year we were contacted by a client who requested that we assist in the design and build of a feature Coffee Station for the opening of their takeaway shop the Hungry Caterpillar Cafe. After an inspection and design meeting we were on the way! We used a massive slab of Oregon timber from an old house in Ivanhoe for the main feature on the station island. We also added a shelf underneath and finished it with heavy duty castors for easy movement.

El Nacho Grande 2.0 (rear view cc cafe)

EL Nacho Grande 2.0 was born! This was sure to be an eye opener for the coffee patrons as the rustic white wash tones and brushed steel façade of the HC Café made a stunning statement.

We were also commissioned to custom build a 3.0 m piece that would act as another workstation and also house a Baine Marie. This was going to be a challenge that the NSF just couldn’t resist. Game on. The plan was to follow the same style as the original E.N.G. and add two shelves along with moving castors. The build needed to be super strong to house the Bain Marie, smart and simple while following it’s now baby brother EL Nacho Grande 2.0.

The El Nacho Grande 3.0 had timber facade against the fronts installed with a weathered off white finish. We also added the client’s lovely logo with a hand stencil painting job that was slightly weathered for a worn look. We also adhered to Health and Safety regulations by using a food safe poly resin for all the tops and shelves underneath. The resulting pieces out were unique and make a statement upon entry and exit of the Hungry Caterpillar Café. Our very happy client said this:

“Everyone loves your bench tops. We adore them. It’s been pure pleasure working with you. I will definitely be calling you when we renovate our place…. All the best in your future ventures. I just hope you don’t get so busy that you won’t answer my calls in a year or so, because finding someone like you is a rarity! I wish you all the success in the future.”

CB from the Hungry Caterpillar Cafe

So if you’re in the area or heading down or back from Mornington, Phillips Island or anywhere around Keysborough stop in and say hi to Ish for a great coffee and great takeaway at the Hungry Caterpillar Cafe at 3/25 -27 Cambria Rd, Keysborough, 3173

Hamptons Style….The “Quogue”
rustic coffee table, tables & benches, rustic melbourne, the quogue

While on a recent trip to the states I was commissioned by a client in the Hamptons. She had a very particular style in mind for a small feature table in her stunning Hampton’s home. She wanted to follow a similar style to a William Sonoma table that she saw online. She also found us online and since I was going to be in New York we were able to work out a design and the time to build the “Quogue”.

We picked out some gorgeous American Maple Hardwood and got into the build and overall finish. The lines are very clean much to the NSF style but the finish was much smoother then our usual rustic tones. What transpired was an inspirational build and finish with our client very open to the metamorphous of the table.

We both contemplated and mulled over the finish but then she just settled on simple tung oil to let the piece just shine.

Quoque Coffee Table

I had the idea of leaving the edges while showing the exposed bark on the bottom ends. The result was a very unique contrast of a super high end silky smooth finish you can do the moonwalk on and sides having a touch of girth with the bark being exposed. Our client couldn’t have been happier and we left NY in good spirits.

NSF Deano Worldwide…NSF Signature Series…

Falls Creek Wine Table
NSF Signature Series the Falls Creek Wine Table

The long awaited tails of NSF Deano’s  travels are now here…Hear and see about Deano from NSF Sydney as he travels the world in search of the ultimate wave and good times.

Check out the link now at NSF Deano Wordwide.

Sweet ride is SA

With the slight chill of Autumn in the air we are gearing up for lots of fires and heading up to the hills for some riding. In between we have been working on the “Creek” . The Falls Creek that is. A brand new NSF signature series model called the Falls Creek End Table. Some other designs will follow this one. It’s an old cable crate that has been painted an off white. Then we added some raw timber logs around the sides and finished with a snow gum stain to complete the look. This created a unique design that I don’t think you will find anywhere else. On the top we added a solid piece of jarah timber and finished with a snow gum stain and a satin polyurethane protection. We also added some holes around the sides so you can hold your favorite wines for a unique bottle holder. That’s not all.


The icing on the cake was this baby lights up. Try and find the on/off switch and you can set the mood in your living room or kitchen and create a memorable experience every night of the week. Look out for some the rest of the “Falls  Creek ” line and other NSF signature series models to come.

Bronte “Choco” Close Up

A few other nice models recently coming through the shop. They come and they go!

rustic tables and benches
Bronte “Tres” is best.

entertainment unit

Sleeper Entertainment Unit - 2.5 m long with cabinet doors $2,000

rustic entertainment unit