Rustic Tables and benches
This brand new chunky checker style is ready to roll….The new benches styles are indented to fit the look of the top table. Starting size is about 1.6 meters and the benches follow in at 1.3 m approximately. This has a mission brown light washed stain, three hardwood planks across the top for a width of 85-90 cm across. One of the strongest and heaviest tables we have ever built it was accompanied with some side storage crates that where about 50 cm wide and 44 cm high. Nice storage space inside and hides away can hide away when not in use.

Chunky Checker starts at $1100 – Includes table at 1.6 meters and two benches

The “Stow Away” crates are $250 each

tables & benches, rustic furniture
rustic tables& benches

rustic crates

Stow Aways in action!

Chunky checker benches