rustic tables and benches. Nordic 2K

CC-N2K has a late night cocktail. Photo by Janelle Goldin

First and foremost we at the NSF want to thank you for an incredible and productive year of growth, movement and overall positivity. We hope for more for all of you in 2012 and hope to continue producing the products that we love to do. Thank you so much for your business and appreciation of our product and growth. Cheers!

December finished strong with some really nice pieces and quite possibly the biggest and best pieces of the year. You be the judge 🙂

Rustic Tables and benches

CC-N2K. Photo by Janelle Goldin

This beauty was a hybred as our soon to be fav client wanted a set to compliment her now stunning outside deck area. We brought the goods after our initial meeting and design discussion. We could not have been happier with the outcome and so was our client, thankfully. She wanted to combine a Chunky Checker design with a N2K (Nordic 2k) finish. No problem. At 2.3 m long with benches at 2.0 m long this table and bench set was a force to be reckoned with. Weathered Hardwood timber material along with a teak washed stain made the look. We also added a washed red gum stain down the middle section on the table tops and benches to complete the look. It really complimented the new setting and had a slight offset to the striking design. As you can see the pictures say it all…The best of the year? Could be….Here is what our happy client said:

Thank you Dave for our table……….. it’s one of a kind and looks amazing….. but more importantly thank you for your special VIP service, your efforts made us feel like we were you’re only customer, it was so good to be part of the process from the initial relaxed meeting right down to the fine details.


rustic n2k, chunky tables
Complete set: Table at 2.3 m long by 90 cm wide and benches at 2.0 m long by 38 cm wide.
$2300 for the set.

Rustic Tables & Benches

Black Beauty T – Table Beast
The biggest ever? Yes. at 2.8 m long and 1m wide with (4) super heavy chunky plank style benches this T style table and bench set was not only a engineering challenge, it was down right huge! Not our normal build but our client had seen something in a store that she liked the style too.

Unfortunately, that was made from MDF and was hollow on the inside. We pride ourself in only using real timber and not using material such as processed MDF. After some initial design discussions and coming together to a happy agreement on style and material (this baby was going to be heavy!) we got into the build. We bolted in the sides with (4) 16 cm bolts and wrapped the legs similar to the Chunky Checker.

A custom style and size came together with a super custom stain which I can’t even describe. It’s a really nice charcoal wash burnt finish topped off with a satin polly to the massive weathered sleepers to this beautiful set fit for a king. Can sit 10-12 easily and more with end stools. Want to invite the town over for tea? Then this set if for you. $3200 for the set.