Falls Creek Wine Table
NSF Signature Series the Falls Creek Wine Table

The long awaited tails of NSF Deano’s  travels are now here…Hear and see about Deano from NSF Sydney as he travels the world in search of the ultimate wave and good times.

Check out the link now at NSF Deano Wordwide.

Sweet ride is SA

With the slight chill of Autumn in the air we are gearing up for lots of fires and heading up to the hills for some riding. In between we have been working on the “Creek” . The Falls Creek that is. A brand new NSF signature series model called the Falls Creek End Table. Some other designs will follow this one. It’s an old cable crate that has been painted an off white. Then we added some raw timber logs around the sides and finished with a snow gum stain to complete the look. This created a unique design that I don’t think you will find anywhere else. On the top we added a solid piece of jarah timber and finished with a snow gum stain and a satin polyurethane protection. We also added some holes around the sides so you can hold your favorite wines for a unique bottle holder. That’s not all.


The icing on the cake was this baby lights up. Try and find the on/off switch and you can set the mood in your living room or kitchen and create a memorable experience every night of the week. Look out for some the rest of the “Falls  Creek ” line and other NSF signature series models to come.

Bronte “Choco” Close Up

A few other nice models recently coming through the shop. They come and they go!

rustic tables and benches
Bronte “Tres” is best.

entertainment unit

Sleeper Entertainment Unit - 2.5 m long with cabinet doors $2,000

rustic entertainment unit