El Nacho Grande 3.0

El Nacho Grande 3.0

The Eastern Bloc
133 Bell Street, Coburg
The NSF was approached to help build the custom counter and window island bar by the soon to be opened Eastern Bloc Cafe a few months back. After a few relaxed meetings and design discussions we came up with a massive counter using 60 mm thick Oregon and beautifully recycled Victorian ash floorboards for the front. What transpired was a weathered and rustic look with sleek lines and chunky features.



We also matched the look with the window bar that was 2.8 m long and custom installed along the Bell st window. We also matched the massive feature table and old church pews with the same finish that are great additions to the new look.

It’s all come together very nicely with the great look that Jayson and his crew at the Eastern Bloc has come up with it.



This is a great looking cafe with excellent coffee, great food and a friendly staff. What more can you ask for….

Americano Rustic Buffet

Americano Rustic Buffet

“Americano” Rustic Buffet

Our client from Canberra had been in our shop in Williamstown earlier in the year. They had been looking for something different and couldn’t find it at any of the shops they had been into. Everything was too polished and shiny for their taste. Enter the NSF. They wanted a very rustic looking buffet with a certain timber that was weathered and old. We came up with a modern simple design but would use the rustic timber with all it’s cracks, curves and great features. We were lucky enough to source some beautiful sustainably sourced american oak slabs from the Dandenong region of Victoria.


What turned out was a very solid and rustic unit with all the character and features our client was after.  We completed the look with rusting the handles and hinges and a simple beeswax finish to keep the natural look of the beautiful “Americano” Timber. We truly love this piece and has been a talking point for most everyone that comes in to our studio in Willy.

Size is 185 cm long * 100 cm high * 50 cm deep

American Oak Slabs