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 Tassie Tiger Trestle Table IMG_2538

The “Banana Boat” Industrial Island

Get on the boat the Banana Boat!

This is is the piece that you have been looking for.
Made from an original work site steel iron base found in an old Brunswick warehouse. It has then been re purposed as the “Banana Boat”

The top is made from 90 mm thick recycled Oregon
Planks from a 1920’s home near the Yarra Valley.
The bottom shelf is made from recycled hardwood
floorboards that have been custom fit withïn the steel.
The timber was then stained with a custom teak wash
and sealed with a few coats of polyurethane.
What’s left is a very unique industrial and rustic piece
that can be your own amazing bar or kitchen island.
Their is only one…boat…the “Banana Boat”.

Oh and don’t forget the custom bottle opener for your adult beverages.
There is only one boat….

Don’t miss the boat.

SIZE IS AS FOLLOWS: Table: 210 cm long * 60 cm wide * 97 cm high

$2450.00 each 

Only (1) Available


The “Tassie Tiger” Trestle Table

Great distressed Tassie Oak tops and hardwood & pine distressed base. Easily comes apart for easy movement and transport. It would look great at your home or shopfront.

SIZE IS AS FOLLOWS: Table: 160 cm long * 80 cm wide * 75 cm high

$950.00 each

Only (1) Available

 Kings Trestle Table

The “Kings” Trestle Table

Did you ever want a table fit for a king? Then look no further.

These stunning hardwood tables made by the the NSF are the real deal. They have the sleek industrial lines of a contemporary piece with the rare combination of rustic timber and tones that will make a unique combination for your home or business.

They are made from Tasmanian Oak tops with recycled messamite hardwood bases and sides. They have been finished with a custom washed Japan Black stain and added polyurethane lacquer protection that is a one of a kind.

The tops can be easily removed for easy transportation.

SIZE IS AS FOLLOWS: Table: 210 cm long * 110 cm wide * 75 cm high

$2499.00 each

Only (2) Available

The “Willy” Treasure Chest

This piece was inspired by the building it was built in. 153 Nelson Place was built in 1853 and we tried to capture that old world style with a modern approach. The “willy” is huge and can be used for many modern uses. Firstly, it has loads of storage. At 1.7 m long by 71 cm wide it can store anything and everything you need to be out of the way. You can use the “willy” as a coffee table, a blanket & pillow storage unit or even as a cosy table.

You could add some BC stowaways or benches and you can create your own unique dining solution. The “Willy”is a completely upcycled piece with white washed timber lining board and an original Oregon timber top from a 1930’s home in Vermont. SIZE IS AS FOLLOWS: 172 cm long * 71 cm wide * 71 cm high $850.00



James Bond Island Bar

This awesome piece can add the final touch to your custom kitchen or dining room. New from the NSF Original Signature Series Edition. Heavy Oregon planks on the top at 60 mm thick and extra additions chopping board are not the only special items in this unique piece.

It’s made of industrial steel base with recycled messamite hardwood on the second shelf. Use it for all your drinks, wine and cheese party or as your everyday table. The options are unlimited. This heavy little piece can be easily moved around with heavy duty castor wheels. Underneath store your finest wine or martini glasses and make a statement the next time your hosting. Includes brand new removable Davis & Wadell Cutting board. Move fast…There is only one for now….Size is as follows. 108 cm high by 80 cm wide by 57 cm deep. 60mm thick tops. Buy the BAR…. $799.00 Call us today at 0404683391 for any inquiries, inspections at our Williamstown store or to make a purchase.

Check out our 2013 prices page for our new models. You can place your order and have your custom built table ready in less then two weeks! CALL 0404683391 or email us at to place an order.


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