NSF ”Deano” Worldwide

Deano Looks for the Dream….
Deano from NSF Sydney is currently on a worldwide surf safari including locations in Hawaii, Bali, South America and the good ol’USA. He’ll keep you posted on his action and search of the ultimate wave and any NSF Style around the globe…Ask him any questions here and he’ll try to help you on location.

Feb – July 2012

1. After hitting Argentina, had a couple of good little waves in Mar de Plata, but did not have the wetsuit with so I was the only one out there without one, hired a board for an hour and paddled around like crazy to stay warm, but was well worth it, but the water was around the 14 mark.

2.Next we headed up to Uruguay and the swell gods were being nice to me as its their summer ,not much swell was expected, but had a couple of waves at Bikini beach which is where all the rich and famous people go from all over South America, and also on a beach called Punto del Diablo, and the wife was watching, so that is always good, because most the time she sees me out there I am just bobbing around.

3.Brazil, what can you say, the place is amazing. We watched the Oakley championships at Florianopolis which is Brasil’s surf mecca.Next we headed up to breath taking Rio, which could be one of the craziest places I have ever been, no surf, had some awesome beach days but the waves were a vicious beach break straight on to the sand, a few bodyboarders looked like they were having a good time.

4.The ocean was then suddenly miles away as we flew out of Brasil into Bolivia to a 30 degree drop in temperature and from sea level to 3500 metres. After a few steps, one could hardly breath. A few days in La Paz and then on to lake Titicaca which is a sacred spot for the Incas and 3800 metres above sea level making it the highest commercially navigable lake.

5. Back on the bus and into Peru. The Jungle tour was awaiting us, this is suppose to be the original Inca trail though the mountains, coca plantations, landslides, the scariest ledges with a 700 metre sheer drop and the trail is only about a foot wide. This was probably the most heart stopping point of the trip, when you know that one slip, and its all over, no more blogs and definitely no more surf ,but we held on to the rocks as if our lives depended on it ( and they did ) and made it through successfully, and then on to Machu Pichuu.
5am in the morning, rain and 2 hours of steps and we finally made it to the top. FANTASTIC are the only words to describe it.

6. Time is running out out the cold weather has got the better of us, Next flight we are hitting the Carribean Coast of Columbia. Its nice to be in the sun again, and to treat ourselves we booked a all inclusive holiday on a small island called San Andeas. Its does get surf, but not while we were there, so swimming was the next best thing in the Carribean waters, We saw turtles, rays, all while we were doing our marathon swims and a few times we were being followed by a 5ft barracuda which is very unnerving as they look evil, and have some nasty teeth.

7. Thats it, thats all folks ( a saying in one of my favourite snowboarding movies ) and South America is over, and on the plane again and up to Atlantic city to try and win our money back for the whole trip. Oh well we did not lose but we will not be retiring.

8.Our last stop in the Americas is that of Toronto up in Canada, and we go straight from the airport up to a cottage 4 hours north surrounded by beautiful lakes, and by chance they have a boat and wakeboard, so back in the water, brilliant! Just watch out for the snapping turtles.

9. Back in te UK at the moment in the big smoke of London, looking for work ready to fund the next half of the trip to Asia. Watch this space for tales from INDIA, LAOS, INDO, PHILIPPINES, and many more.

Until next time – If the surfs flat the shop is open.



Nov 2011 – January 2012

The Surf story so far….

1. Hawaii Oahu / Nov – Not much swell coming in but had a couple good days in Waikiki longboarding and also tried my hand at stand up paddle boarding, which was not too bad once i had the right board, and caught a couple of good waves which even surprised myself.

2. Hawaii Kauii / Nov – Very stormy where we were but had a nice day at Hanalie which is where the Irons brothers are from I think, surf was small though.

3. Hawaii Maui / Nov – Very flat and not much happening, went out towards the famous big break called JAWS but flat as a pancake ( only going there as spectator, no way on this earth I would be paddling out there ).


4. Hawaii back to Oahu / Nov – Take a trip over to the north shore the surfing Mecca, Go to Sunset beach, Off the wall, rockpiles, Wiamia bay and of course the famous pipeline, Problem was they were all flat, although there were two people out at pipe I do not think they would be catching much.

5. Ecuador for 2 days while negotiations with the insurance when they inform us that they will fly us down to Santiago, business class and put us up in the Crowne Plaza for the rest of the week with free booze so not too bad.

6. Chile / Pichilemu Jan – Famous left hand point, had a paddle out yesterday but not right out to the point as it looks well knarly woth it being well over head height and some sneaking sets looking like freight trains coming through. Just stay in the channel and managed to pick out a couple of small ones but nothing to get excited about.

Whats next?

On the 9th Jan we are making our way over to Argentina and through the capital down to a beach resorts named Mar de Playas to check out the waves and then will be heading up to the coast of Uruguay to see what there have to offer.

Till next time amigos,


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