Product Information & Return Policy

Bronte Chic Hardwood Tables on Deck

Bronte Chic Hardwood Tables on Deck

Important Information on Timber, Finishes & Return Policy

Please note that timber can vary considerably from piece to piece and these pictures are only a guide.

Timber is a natural material and it is important that you do not mistake its unique properties as imperfections or flaws. It’s very important to consider these variations as No Surf Furniture is not responsible for the care of your new piece. We are also not responsible for the care or maintenance of your item. Timber items (especially that our outside) require special care and maintenance. It’s best to treat these items with the respect that they require. It’s always best to cover your items when not in use or when the winter arrives.

Joins and Knots

These are a natural property of all timber furniture. Sometimes these are more visible on some pieces than others. This is not a flaw and only add interest to the piece.


Due to humidity and temperature change, all timber will display movement from season to season. At no time is NO SURF FURNITURE responsible for any changes in your timber item from seasonal changes.

Sunlight and Heat

Avoid exposing timber furniture to excessive heat as this may cause the wood to crack or split. Do not place hot object directly onto timber either as this can scorch the surface.

Direct sunlight will cause timber to change or darken, even when the timber is stained, lacquered or painted. Please be aware of this if you are placing a piece near a direct source, eg: a window.

Custom Made Returns

Customised items cannot be refunded for change of mind.
Since most of our products are made custom as per the clients specifications, timber and colour we are not able to offer any return if the customer has a change of heart. If the product is deemed to have any damages etc, NSF will make all attempts to repair such said product to satisfaction of the customer.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure all custom made orders are 100% what they want.

Cancelling Your Order

In the event a custom order has started the refund will not be available if the items are already in production.



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